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Wes Lee, Ok it's Bruce but close.

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The combo in this form is unbelievable!!

Matt and Austin

We've posted this video for those that have an interest in MMA.  We want to help people understand that the MA part starts in karate, tae kwon do, wrestling or whatever style you choose.  To get in the ring is a whole other thing; one in which most people are not interested.  If you want to learn to defend yourself then you need to learn the skills taught in the classroom.  And to be your best, you need to practice those skills as much as possible.  You can admire these gladiators the same as the pro football, baseball or any other sports player.  Also you can play and still enjoy the sport without taking the beating.  The other "M" doesn't mean "missing" it's "Mixed"; most of these guys are not very mixed, including Cung Le.  He is good at what he does because he worked hard at it.

This video is for those that think they are missing something.  Cung Le is a pure Martial Artist.  If you want to be able to fight like him it starts in sparring class the same as he did.  Then if you want to get in the ring you may have the skills needed to make it.  Rolling around on the ground to fight is the first mistake in a fight.  At that point you are trying to recover from that mistake.  All of our good fighters come to sparring class as much as they can.  But think; is this really what you want?  If sparring is not for you then this isn't either.  MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts.  You need to be good at the MA part before you are ready to add the "Mixed" in.  Watch this video.  If you like it great; if you think you want to do it, learn the MA part first.  If you don't like it there is much more to martial arts.  You don't have to get in the ring to enjoy the sport.

If you read this far great but one last point.  Analyze all of the technique used in this match and ask yourself which techniques you don't have at least a basic understanding of.  If you are a blue belt or higher the answer should be none.  Then ask yourself why are they so good at it?  My answer would be practice, practice, practice.  No one can magically make you a pro.