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Our Time with Grand Master Jhoon Rhee

Tricia and Wesley Lewallen both earned and received all of their color belt promotions and first 3 JRI BB's directly from Grand Master Jhoon Rhee. They have visited each others homes on several occasions and vacationed for 9-days in Korea together. These and the many other connections they've had with Master Rhee are respected and memorable. Their trip to Korea was published in TKD Times with most of the photos in that publication produced by Wesley; including the famous brick breaking shot on the cover of your PK handbook.

Grand Master Jhoon Rhee Grand Master Jhoon Rhee Training Muhammad Ali

GM Jhoon Rhee

Jhoon Rhee is credited with many changes that we see in martial arts today. Some of these changes include: Safety Gear, Musical Forms, The Business of Martial Arts, Contemporary MA, and more. He has been mentioned as one of the top 5 most influential people in the martial arts of this century. Many of the changes were met with much resistance in the early days but his perseverance changed the world of martial arts.

Safety Gear

GM Jhoon Rhee invented the safety gear we use today making practice safer and more fun for all styles Karate, Tae Kwon Do and More. This invention made it possible for people from all ages and make-ups to practice Martial Arts and have fun.

Musical Forms

He introduced musical forms to martial arts, which was met with much resistance. Today the most exciting spectacle is the combination of contemporary MA and music on stage.

Martial Arts Business

Grand master Jhoon Rhee over time and with the help of his active students started converting basement martial arts training into a business and sport in which everyone can participate.

World Champion Students

The number of world champion students he has had are too numerous to know. A few of them are: Jeff Smith fought at the "Thrilla in Manila", John Chung, Charlie Lee and even PK's own Wesley Lewallen. He also has taught Mohammad Ali, Tony Robbins and dozens from our senate and congress.

Father of American Tae Kwon Do

Jhoon Rhee is considered to be the father of American Tae Kwon Do being the first to teach in the USA in Texas in the mid 1950's. Today he lives in Virginia close to DC and still is active in Martial Arts education.

100/1000 Push Ups

From age 52 to well into his 70's Grand Master Jhoon Rhee was doing 1000 push ups a day in sets of 100 each. He could do his 100 push ups in just under 1 minute. He would often do his push ups at martial art events with any one willing to stay with him. People very seldom could finish.


Just search Jhoon Rhee on the web and you'll find information on his history in Martial Arts and his goal to change the world.